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Lab report Due date - Fridays Report of the experiment February 16 Exp. #1 (M1) – Period of an Oscillating Ring March 2 Exp. #2 (M2) – Free-Fall Motion March 23 Exp. #3 (M26) – Projectile Motion April 6 Exp. #4 (M25) – Circular Motion and Centripetal Force April 20 Exp. #5 (M23) – Impulse and Momentum
This video tutorial provides the formulas and equations needed to solve common projectile motion physics problems. It provides an introduction into the thre... Experiment 5 - Air Track. Home • NEWS • Demos • Physics Mail • Physics Forum.. 10, 16, 17, 25, 27, 28, 29 • Search • iPhysics • MicroLabs a, & b ...
The Hooke's Law lab's objective was determine how much force (n) it takes to fully descend a spring to its maximum distance. Theory: To determine the Newtons from grams is to take the amount of grams and multiplying it by force of gravity which is 9.8g and then dividing it by a thousand to determine the unit conversion for Newtons.
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