Nov 17, 2020 · Typically, you want to create virtual hosts that use your domain name, rather than use the default domain. To do so, you must first create your own DNS entry and CNAME record. The following figure shows a typical configuration for how Edge processes an API request: In this example: is your desired domain name.
The book contains a complete reference to zone files, Resource Records, and BINDs configuration file parameters. You can treat the book as as a simple paint-by-numbers guide to everything from a simple caching DNS, to the most complex secure DNS (DNSSEC) implementation.
Type your domain name in New Zone Wizard dialog box eg. Select Create a new file with this file name option under Zone File. In order to add A records to DNS Zone, right click on DNS Zone name and select New Host (A or AAAA). A specifies that you are adding an IP version...If the DNS record types required for your domain are not supported by the Lightsail DNS zone, you might want to use DNS records specify how internet traffic is routed for the domain. For example, you could route traffic for the apex of your domain, such as, to one instance, and route...
Ansible 2.7 - cloudflare_dns – manage Cloudflare DNS records . cloudflare_dns - manage Cloudflare DNS records
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